Glass Railing Kits

All the glass that is used for deck railing is safely tempered and shatter resistant. it is also made made sure that the edges of the glass are not sharp and does not cause any injury to anyone. Before building a glass deck rail it is checked with the local building department to inquire about any restrictions.
Most deck builders use tinted glasses do match the house windows and as a deterrent two birds accidentally hitting them. All the necessary research work is done to find a local glass company that can manufacture a custom glass order for the client.

Glass Railing Kits

Installing Glass Railing Kits usually required to build the rail frame first and take the size measurements to custom order the tempered safety glass. because glass is very heavy it is recommended that the rail posts are properly spaced.

Glass railings are commonly used these days both in commercial and residential establishments. Sometimes it make sense to install a piece of blocking or a brace under long range pants for extra support. Installing tempered glass into stair rails is possible but very difficult. If you are going to try this you should trace the opening on a large piece of cardboard to make sure you get the angles right.

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