Electric Mower Features You Might Now Know

Electric Mower Features You Might Now Know

– German engineered.
– Flame hardened steel blades, no sharpening for eight years.
– ‘Silent cut design’ is contact free cutting technology. No metal on metal contact, easier mowing.
– Ergonomically shaped frame that also folds for easy storage.
– Durable rubber/foam handle. No hand vibrations.
– Big eight inch wheels for easy mowing.
– Constructed with sealed steel bearings. No maintenance required.
– Attractive ‘rear spoiler’ to eject grass cuttings in a controlled manner.
– No extra expense. No gas and oil.
– Environmentally friendly. No gas and oil.    {See Carbon Footprint Facts below} 
black & decker electric mower Available at Amazon for $ 202.oo




Imagine mowing your lawn with your ‘eco’ mower and still hear the birds singing, children laughing, phone ringing and with no gas fumes.
Imagine using the Brill Razorcut mower with the greatest of ease, waving to your very appreciative, smiling neighbors.


View Excellent Video On The Brill Razorcut Mower Here !


Other Great Brill Products:


1)   Brill Razorcut 33  13-inch Reel Push Lawn Mower.

       Available at Amazon For $ 172.oo.

2)   Brill Grass Catcher for Razorcut 38 Lawn Mower.

        Available at Amazon for $ 50.oo.



Carbon Footprint Facts.

1) More than 50 million Americans mow their lawns every weekend using 800 million gallons of gas per year.

2) In one summer day in the Portland/Vancouver region only, gas powered lawn equipment produces over 80,000 pounds of pollutants.

3) Experts say that if the U.S. eliminated just half of the gas lawn mowers that would be equivalent to taking 2 million cars off the road.

4) Over 17 million gallons of gas are spilled onto the ground each year refueling lawn and garden equipment.

5) Electric mowers are much better than their counterpart gas mowers, as long as the electricity used is not produced by a coal burning generating plant.

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