2 Ways To Remove Fresh Carpet Stains

Fresh carpet stains should be addressed in a quick and decisive manner. Whether its red wine or mud, it should never be allowed to settle into the carpet. You don’t need an uber expensive cleaning solution and you don’t need to hire a professional carpet cleaning service. These are the two simplest ways to go about fresh carpet stains.

Way 1 – Paper Towel & Water

The simplest way to clean a fresh stain is to grab a paper towel and blot the affected area. Begin by applying the paper towel around the perimeter of the spot and move inwards, blotting with even pressure throughout the area. Then clean the paper towel with water and blot the spot a second time with the moistened towel. Or, after the initial blotting, grab a fresh paper towel, run it under water and apply this moistened towel to the stain. Time is of the essence as you do not want to let the spilled material seep into the carpet. Do not attempt to scrub the carpet as this could damage its fibers.


Way 2 – Salt & Vacuum

Another way to remove a fresh carpet stain is to apply table salt to the impacted area immediately after the spill takes place. Wait for ten to fifteen minutes. The salt will absorb the spilled liquid. Once about ten minutes has passed and the salt no longer looks dry, vacuum it up with a hand held vacuum or a normal sized vacuum’s extension attachment piece. Don’t push a large vacuum over the salt as it will compress the stain into the carpet. Once the salt has been vacuumed, check to see if the stain has been removed. If not, repeat the procedure until it disappears.


Both of these methods have been proven to work. The blotting method takes less time but requires you to get down on your knees. The salt method requires that you have a good amount of table salt on hand and at least twenty minutes of time. Choose the one that is most convenient for you. If you still find difficulty contact carpet installation in Atlanta

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