Questions to ask for your New Lenox Roof Replacement

Are you looking to replace your roof? Most roofs require replacement after 15 to 20 years. Leaks and water damage to walls and ceilings are the most common signs that replacement is necessary. There are two ways a roof can be replaced: the installation of a new roof and a roof over. A roof over is cheaper because the current roof is not removed and the shingles are simply placed over the old roof. New Lenox Roof Replacement method has its drawbacks however because the added weight can negatively impact the structure of the house and the installation of a new roof can be more expensive because of the need to remove the previous sets of roofing shingles.

No matter what course you take to repair your roof, you will need to hire a contractor. There are important questions you should ask a prospective contractor before work commences. First, you should ask the contractor to produce his license. It should be on file with the local chamber of commerce.

Make sure you verify the license number the contractor provides you with the number on record with the chamber of commerce.

Once you have verified that the contractor is licensed, you should ask him or her about the terms of the contract. Everything related to the work performed and the expected timetable should be articulated in the contract in detail.

Finally, you should ask your contractor to obtain all necessary permits for the work. Most municipalities require such permits whenever structural work is performed in an effort to ensure that the minimal standards for safety and construction integrity are maintained.

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